Viropil Tablet Price

Brand Name: Viropil
Active Ingredients: Dolutegravir 50 mg, Lamivudine 300 mg and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate 300 mg
Manufacturer: Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Dosage Form: Tablet
Packaging Type: Bottle
Packaging Size: 30 Tablets in 1 Pack

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience in this area, we are committed to selling Viropil Tablet - known as antiretroviral treatment or ART - at the best price. It is a generic prescription drug that’s FDA-approved to treat HIV. The purpose of this medicine is to reduce the level of HIV (the ‘viral load’) in your body until it is undetectable – usually less than 50 copies of virus per ml of blood. Taking HIV treatment and having an undetectable viral load protects your immune system and stops HIV from being passed on to someone else.

How to Take Viropil Tablets - It should be taken once a day. You can take it with or without food. Sometimes nausea can be a side effect of dolutegravir/lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. If you have nausea during treatment, you may want to try taking it with food. This may help reduce your nausea and help you feel better. You can take this HIV drug any time of day. But you should try to take your dose around the same time each day. Getting in a routine can help you remember to take your dose each day.

Once you start HIV treatment, you should have to adopt some healthy habits in your daily life to stay healthy. Eating a nutritious diet, getting enough exercise, and practicing self-care can greatly improve your sense of well-being. Self-care is an important aspect of staying healthy and feeling strong with HIV. Remember that your HIV status doesn’t affect your ability to pursue your dreams. With proper treatment and healthy lifestyle habits, you can live a long, productive life as you work toward achieving your long-term goals.

Viropil Tablet Price @Drugssquare - Make Generic HIV Drugs More Affordable

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